We are working hard to spend Walbridge dollars (your tuition money and donations) wisely.  We have been touched by the generosity of our parents and community and would like to offer a few other ways for you to get involved.  Here is our “Wish List” to let you know where we could use your help.

Perhaps you are in a business related to our needs.  Perhaps you have some “used-but-usable” items.  Or perhaps you are just in a position to help out.  If you can help or have suggestions on how Walbridge can obtain any of the following items, please contact Amanda Talbert at 608-833-1338 or email her at info@walbridgeschool.org.

o Weighted Compression Vests for sensory integration techniques, youth sizes M, L, XL (www.therapyshoppe.com, several available on eBay, can also be homemade)

o Colored card stock – heavy weight (any color) We could use anywhere from 1-4 reams.

o Colored paper (any color) Multiple or single color reams

o Smart Board with mounted projector and blue tooth connection for PC (Please discuss with staff before purchasing.)

o GPS unit (Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS, available on amazon.com)

o Flip camera (60 minute recording time availability) with tripods

o Video Camera with tripod

o Apple iPad (new)

o Amazon kindle fire

o Android tablet – any make

o Asus or Acer netbooks (recommend purchasing through Madison Computer Works (www.madisoncomputerworks.com) We can use 1-4 additional netbooks.

o Items for our Rewards Box – Students select from a variety of treats when they receive special recognition for participation in our No Waste Lunch Program; outstanding contributions to the school community; or exceptional achievement, improvement or progress at school. (fun or fancy pens, small toys, water bottles, game books, art materials, stickers, creative knick knacks for kids)

o Soprano Xylophone (with mallats) http://www.4lyons.com/Primary-Sonor-SXP1-Diatonic-Soprano-Xylophone-400301-i1131068.lyons

o Djembe drums – new or used (in good condition) (http://discountdjembes.com)

o Student chairs – Item 264617 - Virco I.Q. Sled Based Ergonomic Chair, Wide Seat – 17” Seat Height ($77.25) (We need 1-12 of these) http://www.schooloutlet.com/264617_p/264617.htm

o Activity Tables: http://www.schooloutlet.com
Virco 483048QS Super Sale - Rectangular 30" x 48" Activity Table, 1 1/8 inch Thick Laminate Top - Medium Oak top ($67.45) We need 1-3 of these
Virco 488288QS Super Sale - Rectangular 24" x 48" Activity Table, 1 1/8 inch Thick Laminate Top – Medium Oak ($66.45) We need 1 of these

All donations to Walbridge are tax deductible.  Thank you in advance for your generous support.