The Walbridge Learning Center provides one-on-one tutoring after school for those children who need additional academic support. This service is open to enrolled students and to children attending other schools. The agreement for service through the Learning Center can be scheduled on a long-term basis, or for a shorter period to help with a specific area of need.

Our Learning Center also provides a unique opportunity for home-schooled students in grades 3 - 12 or high school students who are enrolled in online classes to receive individualized or small group learning support during the school day.

Most students find that they don’t need additional tutoring, given the individualized instruction they receive during the school day, and with the carefully designed homework that is assigned.

Walbridge uses a very effective “blended” teaching strategy that includes classroom group and one-on-one instruction, as well as online academic instruction sites such as Reading Horizons Elevate, Kahn Academy, and Apex Learning.

These carefully selected online educational sites allow a child to progress at her or his own level and rate of learning, and can be accessed at home. Homework assignments are individualized and are intended for the students to complete on their own, reinforcing classroom instruction. Classroom teachers are very approachable and available to answer questions and provide support outside of scheduled teaching times.

If a child enrolled at Walbridge School or elsewhere requires additional academic support, the Learning Center is designed to provide this assistance.

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