Day School (2016/2017)

$150 non-refundable registration fee
    Grades 1 – 8: $14,700 per year with monthly, semester, or full year payment options
    High School: $15,100 per year with monthly, semester, or full year payment options
There is also a non-refundable $300 technology and materials fee for all grades.
After-school supervision is available from until 5:30pm which is charged on an hourly rate.

Tutoring (2016)

Tutoring sessions are scheduled and paid for on a monthly basis
    $45/hour when scheduled for two or more sessions per week
    $50/hour for one regularly scheduled session per week

Summer School (2017)

$150 Non-refundable registration fee
    Full Day Academics and Arts for Grades 3–8: $1,300
    Half­day Morning Academics (reading, writing, math) for grade school aged students: $900
    Half­day Arts & Interests: $400 for each 2­week session.
After­school supervision is available with an option of monthly or daily rates.

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Walbridge School is a non-profit, tax exempt educational institution as defined under Section 501(C) 3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Donations to Walbridge are tax deductible, and certain expenses of attending Walbridge School may be tax deductible if specific conditions of a medical referral are met. Please check with your tax accountant and medical insurance carrier to determine the possibility of this potential deduction.