(Recognize. Appreciate. Value. Encourage.)

Walbridge has developed a unique and highly effective behavioral modification program that works with students in a positive and affirming way. Through the use of the RAVE program, there has been measurable improvement in the academic and social behavior of students. This is particularly effective when working with students who have exhibited behavioral difficulties prior to enrolling in our school.

    Below are a few of the major components of this program:
  • Students and teachers establish behavioral goals on a weekly basis
  • Behaviors relative to these goals are monitored throughout the day
  • Information is shared with parents on a daily basis through a daily RAVE chart
  • Students earn RAVE bucks throughout the week that can be used to purchase rewards at our RAVE store on alternating Friday afternoons
  • Exemplary behaviors are recognized during our Friday RAVE assemblies

The RAVE program also supports a fundamental Walbridge value of treating all people with respect and compassion throughout the day.