Walbridge High School has been designed to meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of children who learn differently, and who haven’t been successful in traditional schools. We are the only 9th through 12th grade day school in Wisconsin specializing in teaching students with learning differences and disabilities. We do not accept applicants with drug or alcohol related problems, or with disruptive behavioral problems. We serve students who learn differently, or have learning disabilities, in a safe and secure learning environment; we expect all of our students to be motivated to learn. We are a small school, and admission ( Admissions Process) is highly selective and based largely on the applicant’s desire to learn and work, regardless of current academic achievement levels.

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Walbridge High School offers individualized programs in a supportive small school environment. We provide an adaptive blended teaching strategy that combines online course work, group instruction, and one-on-one teaching. We focus on uncovering and developing the strengths of students through the use of individualized learning plans. Academic progress is carefully monitored and measured to make certain that we are meeting the learning needs of our students.

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    High School Diploma Program: Student curriculum includes core academic and elective courses, using a combination of online course work, group instruction with discussions and collaborative learning, and one-on-one teaching. Students have the opportunity to receive credit for non-traditional, community-based education, such as work-study internships, and learning experiences with other educational organizations.

    We believe that all students evidence differences in the way they learn, and that the likelihood of school success is enhanced when an educational program is designed to support the learning strengths of the individual student. We believe that when students discover “how they learn best”, they recognize their strengths, develop confidence, and can more fully realize their human potential. Many students come to us with lowered self-esteem and confidence due to negative experiences they have had in other schools. At Walbridge, we help them develop self-reliance as they learn to tackle educational and social challenges.

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