These are some questions that Walbridge School is frequently asked. If your question is not addressed below, please contact us. We welcome your inquiry.

Who attends Walbridge School?
Walbridge attracts a diverse student population from communities throughout the greater Madison area. There is no ‘typical” Walbridge student. Each student learns differently, so we have designed our educational program to support learning strengths and meet the challenges of each child. Many children in our school have learning challenges (such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, or NLD/NVLD). Others, in their previous schools, were bullied or did not learn well in large classes or feel comfortable in hallways crowded with hundreds of students. Our students have all found a home and safe, supportive learning environment at Walbridge.

Does Walbridge work?
Although our students come to us struggling to thrive in their schools, some of our former students have gone on to become professors, pharmacists, medical professionals, business owners, managers, or teachers. It has been no less an achievement for some other former students to simply become independent adults, as each student starts with a different set of challenges. Most importantly, Walbridge is a school where students reclaim the self-esteem and self-confidence that they often lost in their prior schooling.

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How many students are in each class?
To facilitate the continual assessment and individualized instruction essential to the Walbridge experience, classes are kept small, with no more than ten to twelve students per class. For more intensive remediation, groups may be as small as two or three students, and one-on-one instruction is offered when needed. Classes and groups are designed to be as cohesive as possible, with special consideration paid to academic achievement level, age, and the social and language needs of the students involved. Overall, Walbridge maintains a student/teacher ratio of no more than twelve-to-one in core classes, and small group or individual tutoring when needed.

What makes Walbridge different?

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What is the relationship between Walbridge and the surrounding community?
Walbridge works in tandem with other area schools to provide the best possible educational experience for students with learning differences. We provide a vital service to all schools challenged with finding the appropriate educational setting for students to meet their complex individual learning needs. This collaboration is a top priority at Walbridge; as we help facilitate a student’s transition back to their local school when appropriate.
The vital work of Walbridge School extends far beyond our doors. We also serve as a training site for local teachers and professionals in the community, maintaining a close working relationship with private specialists and others involved with childhood learning and development.

How does Walbridge help students socially?
We understand that social skills, like academic skills, can be taught. Because many learning disabilities make it difficult for students to acquire and maintain friendships, we offer specific classes to help students develop and refine these vital social skills. Many children with learning disabilities feel that they have failed because they do not learn as quickly or as easily as their peers. As a result, their sense of self-worth often suffers. At Walbridge, students experience academic success and this reinforces their self-confidence and developing social skills.

Can my child enter Walbridge mid-year?
Yes. Walbridge accepts new students at any point during the school year, space permitting. Therefore, it is not unusual for students to begin at Walbridge School mid-year.

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Where is Walbridge School located?
Walbridge School is located on the west side of Madison at 7035 Old Sauk Rd, just north of West Towne Mall. We are located on several major Madison Metro bus routes. To contact Walbridge, phone the main office at 608-833-1338.